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The buttons above should connect you to various Submarine specific Web Sites predominantly connected with the the UK submarine service. These include a link to the web site of Geoff Chalcraft, an ex submariner, who has built what I think is one of the best 'private' submarine oriented sites in the UK. This link is actually to the part of his site dedicated to the submarines of WW2 and is very comprehensive. Geoff also includes many other interesting pages including a detailed history of his own time in the Royal Navy. Geoff's site is well worth a visit.

There are also links to the official site of the UK's Royal Navy Submarine Museum (RNSM Museum), the Royal Navy Museum and the 'submarine' section of the Royal Navy's official web site. There are also links to the Submarine Coxswains Association site, and the site of the Submarine Heritage Centre based in Barrow-in-Furness.

Another site well worth a visit for submarine photos is Steve and Karen Johnson's 'Cyber Heritage' site. This contains many photographs of submarines going back to the very earliest days. The site also contains photos of surface ships and many other interesting archive pictures.

There is a link to Kevin Cook's memorial site to the crew of HMS Affray, the Underwater Heritage Trust site, Andy Sugden's "Diesel Weasel" site featuring specifically diesel powered submarines.

If you want to trace someone who was a casualty while serving in the RN a very good site to visit is the Naval History site. Well worth a look.

A new web site is that of the "The Society of Friends of The RN Submarine Museum" (see the Museum Friends link button above). You can become a friend of the RN Submarine Museum for as little as £15 per year. This money and your support will help the museum to grow and prosper. You know it makes sense!

There are, of course, many other sites on the web relating to the submarine services of various nations. To find these simply use any 'search engine' and search on the words submarines or submariners. Happy surfing!


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